Victor Kelly September 27, 2019
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Here are three simple yet effective tips that will help you to start manifesting more money into your life. Like anything that you want, the trick is to get into alignment with what you want. These three processes are just ways in which you can do that with money.

Pick Up The Penny – How many times have you seen a penny on the floor, but instead of picking it up, you just left it lying there? All alone and by itself. The next time you see a penny or any coin on the floor, grab it and say thank you for the gift the universe has graciously given you.

You’re probably thinking this is going to be a waste of time, but let me ask you something… what message are you sending out when you leave that penny on the floor? “No thanks universe, I’m okay today”. The more you send out that feeling that you don’t want the money, the more you’re going to attract it.

Stop every single time you see a penny, regardless of the circumstances and grab that penny for yourself. Say thank you to the universe for giving it to you feel the feelings of having a little more abundance in your life. Seeing penny’s on the street is also a great sign that you’re on the right track for receiving more money! So, if you can’t feel abundance when you pick up that penny, see it as a sign and feel grateful for the sign that money is on the way.

Don’t Nickel & Dime Him – The next time you see a beggar on the street and feel inclined to give him some of your money, don’t reach for the notes and then think “oh actually – I better just give some change, I need these notes for later”. That is no way to receive more abundance.

Give him the notes like you first intended. Most people have the thought that they’re going to give some of their notes to the guy on the street corner, as they move closer they change their mind and think about giving some coin change instead.

By the time they’ve scrounged around in their pocket trying to find something to give, they’ve already walked straight passed the homeless person and haven’t given anything at all. Don’t be one of these people. If you want to create abundance for yourself, give in abundance to others.

Love Yourself – How are you going to go about receiving more abundance if you don’t love yourself or feel you’re worthy? Stand in front of a mirror, face to face with yourself. Say the following out loud “I love you so much”. At first it may not feel quite right and you probably won’t believe it, but continue to do this for a few days and you’ll soon realize that you’re actually beginning to believe it.

The more love you have for yourself, the more abundance you will receive. The more abundance you receive the more love and abundance you can give to others.